Why Choose Listone Giordano

Why Choose Listone Giordano?

Listone Giordano (LG) is synonymous worldwide with excellence in premium hardwood flooring. This reputation has been built over many years and is strengthened daily by the dedication and enthusiasm of all the people who work to create this product. They are driven by a single goal: an incomparable product, made for those who love quality living and look for excellence in their own home.
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Engineered timber doesn’t have the same drawbacks as solid timber. Environmental changes such as heat and humidity can cause solid wood to warp, shrink or expand, and large volumes of precious hardwood is required to produce flooring for a few square metres.

Listone Giordano not only offers a large range of colours, textures and styles to suit your design concept, it will create a warm and comfortable atmosphere that is hardwearing, robust and elegant. You can take your design concept to a higher level by considering our outdoor lockable timber decking or create a vision on your timber wall.



An eight-layer, highly resistant varnishing treatment, which offers unequalled performance with regard to resistance, or a penetrating natural oil treatment, which highlights the wood’s tactility.


The top layer made of the best wood species is the fruit of careful raw material selection and of absolutely unique production processes. The exclusive milling methods, like the innovative drying processes, house the secrets for producing materials which acquire new value with every step. It’s the pursuit of perfection from the very beginning.


The secret to Listone Giordano stability lies in the support layer: a specially engineered system of birch wood layers, with marine glueing, which allows for the manufacture of perfectly stable planks of large dimensions.

The Listone Giordano technology, made of multi-layer transversal fibres, ensure each section’s non-deformability. Supports layers conceived in this manner possess an elevated mechanical resistance capable of perfectly compensating the inevitable stresses from the layer above. This translates into excellent product balance and stability.



High-resistance solvents-free varnish with a sleek satin appearance. This finishing features the anti-bacterial Crystalcare technology.


Solvents-free varnish characterized by a natural matt aspect, applied after a brushing treatment enhancing the wooden grain. This finishing features the anti-bacterial Crystalcare technology.


Water-based finishing that protects the wood whilst keeping the natural appearance and colour of an untreated surface. This unique water-based finish performs highly against scratches and UV ray protection, therefore minimizing the colour change due to oxidation, allowing easy restoration of small areas of the floor. This finishing features the anti-bacterial Crystalcare technology.


Natural oils-based finishing air-dried. Thanks to a special protective treatment applied as a last coating, it is characterized by high protection and practicality of maintenance. This finishing features the anti-bacterial Crystalcare technology.



How would you enjoy walking barefoot on your wood floor? Thanks to the antibacterial Crystalcare system, developed by Listone Giordano and ICRO, it’s totally safe. A simple additive incorporated into Xplus2, Naturplus2, Invisibile Touch, and Oleonature finishes ensures the antibacterial certification released by CATAS S.p.a laboratories according to ISO 22196:2007 regulation.

The well-being, children’s health and the safety of the places where they live and play in are the main focus of Crystalcare innovation. Especially developed for wood floors in healthcare and medical applications.


This is the synthesis of research and innovation interpreted and embodied by Listone Giordano, which, through a new process, came up with a special formulation for wood floors that can eliminate some of the most dangerous bacteria for human health.



Biosphera is a marking system based upon Listone Giordano’s green procurement policy to provide consumers with brief, clear and useful information on the origin of raw materials.

It focuses solely on the safeguard of forestry resources, with particular reference to the specific characteristics of multilayer hardwood floors. As such it is not meant to replace the internationally established certifications, which generally have broader fields of application and wider areas of interest. Listone Giordano through this protocol aims to promote the culture of environmental responsibility and sensible purchase orientation towards its customers.


The mark identifies materials whose forestry management is certified according to recognized standards at the international level (FSC , PEFC, SFI , OLB , LEI , etc.).


The mark identifies materials whose legal provenance and forest management, although not yet certified, is supported by specific audit and documentary evidence. This is usually the intermediate step towards the official certification.


Listone Giordano floors are made to last over for 100 years, with regular care and maintenance. Preserving beauty and integrity of your floor is easy, so long as you know what to look out for. Familiarize yourself with the 4 Greatest Threats to any floor's longevity, and help preserve and protect the integrity of your floor for years to come. Have a recent run-in with candle wax or crayons? See these Helpful Hints to help you troubleshoot inevitable, day-to-day wear and tear.


Wood interacts naturally with water, expanding in humidity and contracting in drier climates. The sound, structural engineering of our floors allow the floorboards to resist some of the movement caused by climate. However, liquid spills or wide variations in humidity can have a visible impact on floors. To reduce the risks of floorboard movement:

  • Keep relative humidity levels in your home between 35% and 55%. In the summer, when the air is humid, keep rooms well ventilated and use a dehumidifier if necessary. In winter when heating dries out the air, use a humidifier.
  • Wash floors with a damp mop.
  • Immediately clean up any liquids spilled on the floor
  • Avoid indoor rugs with undersides made of rubber or any other material that prevents air from circulating properly beneath the rug.


Marks on the surface of your floor appear when the wood fiber is crushed. When this happens, the protective finish remains intact, and simply molds to the shape of the hollow. Marking can be caused by moving heavy objects or by striking the floor, as well as by repeated rubbing or small impacts. To avoid marks on the floor:

  • Protect the floor when moving heavy furniture and appliances. Use specially designed glides or slide the furniture on a piece of upside-down carpet.
  • For furniture and chairs with castors, use only wide rubber castors designed for hard surfaces. Avoid hard castors made of plastic or wood.
  • High heels are a dangerous enemy for any type of floor covering. Broken or worn heels can even damage a cement floor!
  • If you have pets, keep their claws well trimmed.


When we talk about floor wear, we are referring to the protective finish and not to the wood itself. Our Plus finish is made of eight coats of acrylic, carefully applied to create one of the toughest products in the industry. Even so, it is still vulnerable to abrasives. Tracked-in sand and hard surfaces that rub against the floor (chair legs, for example) will eventually wear down even the most resistant protective finish. The following tips will help you protect your floor against premature wear.

  • Place felt pads under chair and furniture legs. Ensure that the pads are kept clean and in good condition.
  • Sweep and vacuum the floor regularly to remove all sand and other abrasives. Place an outside mat and an indoor carpet at each door with exterior access to help keep harmful grit from getting tracked through the house.


Extended exposure to intense light will eventually discolor most materials, wood included. Our Plus finish is specially developed to protect against premature yellowing and discoloring, however, it is still a good idea to move rugs and furniture from time to time so that the same sections of the floor are not permanently exposed to intense light. Exposure to sunlight is responsible for the natural process of oxidation, which makes the surface of some of the exotic wood species darken considerably. Again, it is a good idea to move area rugs and furniture from time to time to allow the entire floor surface to get an even amount of exposure to sunlight and a more consistent color tone.